Sorin Mitu

Pentru o istorie a viselor romanesti: probleme ale cercetarii, surse si tipologie / For a History of Romanian Dreams: Problems of Research, Sources and Typology

1 Ianuarie 2013

Cuvinte cheie:
vise în istorie
vise în literatură
tipologia viselor
interpretarea viselor
onirologie istorică
dreams in history
dreams in literature
dreams typology
interpretation of dreams
historical oneirology



e paper is presenting the bibliography and the sources referring to the dreams in the Romanian history. After reviewing the bibliography, a classification and an analysis of dreams is made, divided into “real dreams”, “fictional dreams”, “daydreams”, “interpreted dreams” and “visions”. e main authors of the dream studies (in connection with the Romanian history, literature and culture) are Ovidiu Moceanu, Matei Cazacu, Sultana Craia, Aurel Pantea, Andrei Oişteanu. e conclusions highlight the importance of the historical onirology, in the framework of the Romanian cultural history.