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Aspecte privind relaţiile României cu Iugoslavia în timpul guvernării Iorga-Argetoianu (aprilie 1931 – mai 1932): relaţiile culturale, şcolare, bisericeşti şi sportive / Aspects regarding Romania’s Relations with Yugoslavia during Iorga-Argetoianu Government (April 1931-May 1932): Cultural, School, Church and Sports Relations

1 Ianuarie 2020

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The cultural relations were oriented, first of all, towards the following problems: the cultural situation of the Romanian minority in Yugoslavia; the cultural development of the other states belonging to the Little Entente (Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia); the participation of the states of the Little Entente in the Congress of the Committees of the Federation of Historical Societies of Eastern Europe (Prague, May 1932) – with the aim of harmonizing divergent views among historians in the region, etc. School relations, although much smaller in terms of quantity, were mainly focused on solving the problem of Romanian minority education in the Yugoslav Banat. The church reports followed, in particular, aspects regarding: the construction of places of worship in the states of the Little Entente; the requests of the Romanians from the Yugoslav Banat in order to establish a vicariate in Vârşeţ etc. In conclusion, the Western daily – considered, by many Banatians, as a guiding beacon, a moral model for presenting reality – captures the complex relationships within the Little Entente, with ups and downs, quite objectively, demolishing myths or counterfeit images of some leaders and promoting Banatism, as an integral part of Romanianism.