Dragoș Diaconescu

Consideratii privind cronologia epocii timpurii a cuprului in estul Bazinului Carpatic (cultura Tiszapolgar) / Regarding the Chronology of the Early Copper Age in the Eastern Carpathian Basin (the Tiszapolgar Culture)

1 Ianuarie 2013

Cuvinte cheie:
analiză de corespondenţă
analiza Bayesiană
cultura Tiszapolgár
Epoca timpurie a cuprului
AMS dating
Correspondence Analysis
Early Copper Age



e new AMS dates published from South-Eastern European’s Early Copper Age (e.g. from Varna cemetery and from Tiszapolgár culture sites like Vésztő-Bikeri, Körösladány-Bikeri, Hajdúböszörmény-Ficsori-tó-Dűlő or Uivar) seem to change the existing classical chronological scheme. Checking the validity of this scheme is possible using correspondence analysis (CA). e obtained results show a tri-partite evolution of Tiszapolgár culture from the chronological point of view. e estimated time span (based on a Bayesian approach of the existing AMS data, including new ones from Gorzsa B level) for this archeological culture is between ca. 4600 – 4200 cal BC, more or less two hundred years earlier than it was considered before.