Andrei Georgescu

Deliberately deformed shears from Early and Middle La Tene graves in the Carpathian Basin

1 Ianuarie 2020

Cuvinte cheie:
Late Iron Age
ritual destruction
Carpathian Basin
a doua epocă a fierului
distrugeri ritualice
Bazinul Carpatic



Shears are commonly found in La Tène burials from the Carpathian Basin. The earliest such finds known in Europe date from the early 4th century BC Mediterranean cultural milieu. Towards the end of the same century they are adopted by the La Tène communities, where their morphology and meaning in the funerary process is changing. The purpose of these tools during the burial ritual seems to be similar to the one played by the swords. This fact can be deduced from several treatments that were applied to them like: position in the grave, similar decoration as some of the weapons or deliberately mutilation of the objects.