Florin Medeleț

Cercetările arheologice de la cetatea Șoimoş (jud. Arad) din anii 1966-196 (jurnal de săpătură) / The archaeological researches of Şoimoş castle (Arad County) from 1966-1967 (excavation diary).

1 Ianuarie 2022

Cuvinte cheie:
Șoimoș castle
systematic archaeological research
excavation diary
medieval castle



Șoimoș castle is located on the northern bank of the Mureș River and it is one of the best preserved medieval castles from the territory of present-day Romania. The castle however has never been thoroughly investigated through archaeological methods; therefore the construction phases of the fortification, especially those dated at the beginning of its existence, are still not exactly established. The results of the test excavations carried out in 1966-1967 by a team of archaeologists; among them Marius Moga and Florin Medeleţ from the Museum of Banat, were unknown until now. The paper presents the excavation journal belonging to F. Medeleţ, kept in the archive of the Banat National Museum and the drawings of the plans and sections of the excavated trenches. A general excavation plan has also been sketched. The archaeological inventory from these excavations will be published on another occasion.