Ion Dragomir

Noi descoperiri arheologice în Clisura Dunării / New Archaeological Discoveries in the Danube Gorge Area

1 Ianuarie 2022

Cuvinte cheie:
Danube Gorge



A manuscript from the Florin Medeleț Fund at the MNaB is published (typed document, 9 A4 pages, undated, transcribed by Valentin Cedică). The author, Ion Dragomir (Gornea, November 23, 1927 – Reşita, August 13, 2011), graduated from Oravița High School and Arad Pedagogical Institute, worked as a teacher in Gornea. He was director of the General School and the Cultural House in Gornea. Passionate about history, he founded in 1969 the Village Museum in Gornea (officially inaugurated on July 27, 1969), which today bears his name. He was a close collaborator of archaeologists from Cluj, Reşița, Timişoara, Sibiu, Bucharest, who carried out archaeological research in the area. He was author and co-author of archeology and ethnology studies and author of the Gornea village monograph (2003). The present paper refers to archaeological materials resulting from field research carried out by the author in localities in the Danube Gorge: Liborajdea, Gornea, Liubcova etc.