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Reacții de nemulțumire față de regimul politic comunist din România la începutul anilor '70 în județul Timiș / Reactions of Discontent Towards the Romanian Communist Political Regime in the Early 1970s in Timis County

1 Ianuarie 2022

Cuvinte cheie:
Timiș-Torontal County



Despite a relative liberalization of the political regime in Romania after 1964, the process of surveillance over the population by the Securitate continued. One may notice in the reports made by the Timiș county Securitate Department that there were persons identified adressing memoires to Europa Liberă Radio station, to ONU, Bucharest embassies or even the party and political leadership considered as dictatorial. Several intellectuals were placed under surveillance for having philosophical preocupations (teosophical, in that respect) in total contradiction with the Marxist doctrine. Ex Legionaries were also subject of the surveillance activity of the Securitate, though they suffered a political condemnation in the 50s, intellectuals, workers, peasants, clerks who stood as fervent critics of the social-economical situation ( with supply difficulties, prevaillance of the exports, excessive ideologisation, low wadges) and political of Romania, or had connections with citizens of the occidental states.The neoprotestant cults were also subject of the Securitate surveillance. The documents analised depict the general unsatisfaction of those forced to welcome the Yugoslavian leaders who came to Timișoara. They objected having to stand in cold weather conditions waiting for the official group to pass, stating that in the neigbouring country liberty had other values, asking for liberalization of the visa regime. Those found under Securitate surveillance were summoned (one of the most commonly used methods used by the political police of Romania in the 1965s), most of them recognising their actions. We must underline the fact that the Securitate oficers used a cruel method during the surveillance period, members of the suspects families (wifes and sons ) being called to assist, despite the ferm engagements of the invicted not to repeat their actions, with no trust whatsoever from the Securitate, pursuing the surveillance. A special case is that of the author of an anonimous letter ,, offensive towards the party and poitical state, who suffered and was commited to a neuropsichiatric hospital of the Timiș county. These were some of the Timiș county anticommunist regime forms of rezistence, the economical policy promoted by Ceaușescu’ s regime, the lack of fundamental human rights, which led to a situation that was enhanced in the 80’ s, as the Romanian communist regime crisis enhanced.