Marian-Alin Dudoi

General Rădescu’s last year in Romania (May 7th, 1945 - June 15th, 1946)

1 Ianuarie 2022

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cold war
human rights



In Great Britain, there were people who thought about the former Prime Minister‘s safety upon leaving the British Legation (inside the British Mission) – where he was given sanctuary between March 6th-May 7th, 1945, fearing for his life after his Government fell under Soviet duress. Inquired by Mr. Martin, MP, in the House of Commons, the British Foreign Office informed that the General had left British Mission on May 7th, 1945, as the Romanian Government offered assurances in taking steps to protect him. Still, the Romanian Government imposed to the General that he should not leave his nephew’s house, although he was not charged of anything. Alerted by Rădescu’s nephew, British and United States officials manifested concern about the General’s fate. On September 21st, Brigadier General Schuyler, supported by his British counterpart Air Vice-Marshal Stevenson, complained to Soviet General Vinogradov in the matter of the house arrest, as the Soviets were in charge with the Allied interests in occupied Romania. Vinogradov promised only to continue protection. In order to be recognized by British and United States Governments, the Groza Government were obliged to increase the degree of freedom. In this context on February 4th, 1946, the house confinement was lifted. Fearing arrest, Rădescu left Romania secretly by plane on June 15th, 1946 and became one of the most important leaders of the Romanian émigrés. He died in New York on May 16th, 1953.