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Contribuții la istoria familiei nobiliare Damaszkin de Berekszónémeti / Contributions to the History of the Noble Family Damaszkin of Berekszónémeti

1 Ianuarie 2022

Cuvinte cheie:
social elites
Beregsăul Mic



The research of the nobility's past in the Banat area occupies an important place in the research activity of those who have dedicated themselves to this noble subject. The nobility played a significant role in the Habsburg monarchy and therefore it is important to pay individual attention to each noble family in order to build on the role of the nobility in multiethnic, multilingual, multiconfessional and multicultural society between the liberation of Timisoara and Banat (1716- 1718) and the First World War (1914-1918). The noble families disappeared from the historical scene of Banat almost imperceptibly, as is the case of the Damaszkin family, but this did not erase the interest of researchers who researched the noble phenomenon. The very presentation of information about these families, tries to snatch from oblivion even the smallest part of the social elite in the Banat area. Researching the archival documents submitted to the Serbian Orthodox Episcopate of Timisoara, I was surprised to find two documents that provide valuable clues about the life and work of the Ljubomirovics Damaszkin family, which we make available to researchers to deepen the topic related to this family in particular.