Zoltan Iusztin

Documente medievale din colecția familiei Forgács / Medieval documents from the collection of Forgács family

1 Ianuarie 2022

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Diplomatikai Levéltár fund
National Archives of Hungary
medieval documents
Forgách archive
Haraszti family



It is gratififying that a part of the documents, that belonged to a family which passed away, in the 16th century, have survived. When the last members of the Haraszti family disappeared, her real estate patrimony was claimed by the Forgács nobles. They have engaged in several inheritance processes, with changing results. Yet it is certain that they came into the possession of the documents that once belonged to the Haraszti family. Thus most of the documents concerning this family have been preserved in the archive of the Forgács nobles. Further, in the second part of the 19th century, the descendants of the nobles donate the archive to the National Museum of Hungary.