Livia Magina

Un destin feminin în Banatul sfârşitului de secol XVI: Barbara Moise / The Destiny of a Lady from Banat at the End of the XVI Century – Barbara Moise

1 Ianuarie 2011

Cuvinte cheie:
women status



This study aims to bring to historiographical light one of the few cases where the documents present a story in which the main character is a woman, namely Barbara Moise. She comes from a noble family in Caransebeș, the Moise family, which appears in documents from the sixteenth century. She is destined to have her three marriages end in a relatively short period of time, without children, and in each case the husband dies and the lady remains widow. Her first husband, Mihail Mâtnic, is a member of a traditional family, a rich family, but his death brings a lot of debts for Barbara. The second alliance, with Ioan Găman, the member of another big family from Caransebeș, is a deja-vu. Ioan borrows money from his wife and gives her some of his possessions. After Ioan’s death, his family sought to reclaim the possessions. The third, and the last known marriage, was to Petru Krichoway, also from Caransebeș. Unfortunately, the end, happy or unhappy, is unknown. It should be noted that her case was not unique, on the contrary, it was but one among others, probably many, at that time. The annexes demonstrate the power of the man’s words, and the fact that the status of women was not enviable.