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Mărturii asupra cnezilor din Banatul medieval de câmpie (secolul XIV – prima jumătate a secolului XV) / Testimony of the Knezes in the Medieval Plain Banat (14\ Century – First Half of the 15th Century)

1 Ianuarie 2011

Cuvinte cheie:
knezes of Banat
village judge



Our approach attempts to reconstruct, as much as the existing documentation allows, the trajectory of the Knezes of the medieval Banat for over a century, the temporal restrain imposed by the existing sources being doubled by their frustrating nonexistence. The intense process of feudalism in the area, marked by reforms imposed by the Angevin dynasty, led to adverse consequences for Romanian social structures, especially the Knezes, which are seen stripped of their dominions. This is the moment when the institution loses its social and legal ascendancy and decades to the statute of the subjects of the great feudal estates.