Radu Păiuşan

Noi date despre istoricul activitatii Partidului National-Popular in Banat in anul 1946

1 Ianuarie 2013

Cuvinte cheie:
National People's Party



From the beginning, in the spring of 1946, the Popular National Party was involved in social and cultural life in the Banat counties. Built for the intellectual people and the middle class of the population, it managed to attract some intellectuals (teachers, doctors etc.) from the countryside. In Timișoara the Popular National Party was not well represented and it had a limited distribution because it came late on the political stage, more exactly after the Second World War. e party still managed to impose a general of the army for president. In commission there were representatives, like secondary teachers, journalists, but it had also managed to accomplish its political program especially in Banat. At its central level the Popular National Party had remarkable people like the great George Călinescu, the director of the centre of press of the party “e Nation”, another important member was Andrei Oţetea and many others personalities of social and cultural life.