Hedy M-Kiss

Studiu preliminar asupra artefactelor din piele provenite din situl arheologic Piaţa Sfântu Gheorghe – Timișoara 2014 (II) / Preliminary study of leather artifacts from the archaeological site Sfântu Gheorghe square – Timisoara 2014 (II)

1 Ianuarie 2020

Cuvinte cheie:
medieval leather artifacts
artefacte piele medievale



The paper presents preliminary data on leather and textile artifacts from the Timişoara Sfântu Gheorghe Square 2014 archaeological excavation, data that will be taken into account when initiating the conservation operations of the artifacts. The structure of the soil and the environmental conditions in the soil were favorable for the conservation of these artifacts for a long period, which made possible their discovery during the archaeological rescue excavations in the perimeter of the old fortress of Timisoara. However they show multiple, specific degradations, reported by us in other scientific papers as well: rigidity, deformations, cracks, cuts, ruptures, combined damage and also advanced functional wear. Rebalancing their state of conservation can only be achieved due to the rapid onset of conservation procedures.