Ion Novacescu

Chestiunea Banatului intre politica nationala si politica de partid. Mari polemici politice si parlamentare (decembrie 1923) / The Banat Issue. Between National Policy and Party Politics. The Great Political and Parliamentary Debates From December 1923

Jan. 1, 2013

The Romanian Parliament
The Peace Conference
foreign policy
Parlamentul român
Conferinţa de pace
politica externă



e failure of Romanian foreign policy at the Paris Peace Conference (1919 – 1920) when it couldn't obtain the entire province of Banat for the country, and also the establishment of the border with Serbia on the field, provoked, in December 1923, an intense political and parliamentary controversy. For two weeks the opposition MPs and those of the Liberal Party (the government party) accused each other of the responsibility of this national failure. e parliamentary debates demonstrated the lack of method, strategy and unity of the Romanian political elite in promoting responsible and efficient foreign policies.