Publishing rules


Since the first publication of the journal Analele Banatului (AnB) the editorial board tried to impose, for the entire volume, a uniform editing system of the scientific articles and of citations of bibliography, that would align to prestigious publications from the domains of interest. We started from the premise that the rules of editing should be widely used in publications of specialty, should not hinder the reading and be easily used by the authors.

General information

Manuscripts should be A4 and shall not contain additions written by hand. Starting from the principle that the expression of ideas and opinions should not be constrained by a restrictive editorial space, we do not consider appropriate imposing a certain number of pages for each study or note. Although, will not be accepted those contributions, that related to the topic and presented arguments have an unjustified large number of pages.

Each article should contain a summary of at least half a page in a foreign language (English or German), that summarizes the main contributions of the study. The editorial board presumes that the authors have made citations correctly and does not undertake to verify the veracity or to make changes to their content.

We respectfuly ask the authors to avoid any discrimination forms and to respect the copyright and plagiarism law. Therefore authors are requested to complete the following declaration of responsability assumption and to send it to the editorial board in printed or digital form.


The deadline for submitting articles is July 1st of each year. All contributions received after this date will be included in the next volume.

We do not have article processing charges.

We request the authors to consult thoroughly the publishing rules of our journal:

Publishing rules

Respecting these recommendations will facilitate the work of the editorial board and of the publisher and will make your work more accessible to readers.

Thank you for your contributions!