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Activitatea Primăriei Timişoara în anul 1934 / Activity of the Mayoralty of Timișoara in 1934

Jan. 1, 2011




The present study provides an analysis of the activity of the mayoralty of Timişoara in 1934. For this scientific approach, I have studied the archive material related to the meetings of the Temporary Committee of the town. During the year of 1934, the Mayoralty of the town of Timişoara allotted important sums of money for maintenance and development of the health institutions subordinated to it. Thus, it stipulated enlargement of Children Hospital “Principele Mircea”, development of Obstetrical Institute, construction of Tuberculosis Hospital, transferring of the Anti-rabies Institute “Dr. Victor Babeş” in a new adequate building, as well as transfer of Polyclinical Ambulatory. It anticipated the creation of a Microbiological Institute. The Temporary Committee of the Mayoralty granted financial aid to enlarge the Centre for Children’s Protection and also contributed to the foundation of a school of nursing. On a cultural level, it approved the request of certain persons from Banat concerning both the allottment of a large surface in the centre of town to the Royal Foundations for the construction of the Palace of the Royal Foundations, and granting support in order to build it. Concrete steps were taken for the creation of a talent company of a permanent Romanian theatre in Timişoara. The clauses of that convention stipulated the Mayoralty’s desire to organize educative shows for pupils, youth, workers, soldiers, poor employees as an interest in enlightenment of population of Timişoara. The Temporary Committee also considered a draft contract for the foundation of a Timişoara-Bucureşti airline. The Mayoralty was disposed to allot important sums of money and to contribute to the necessary workings for fulfilment of this extremely important desideratum for Timişoara and for the region of Banat. In 1934, the project concerning construction of the Justice Palace was discussed again. It also appropriated land for construction of the Palace of the Apprentices’ hostel. The foundation of a Maid-servants’ hostel destined for sheltering and protecting the maid-servants that came from the country looking for work was also approved. In 1934, a number of large urban works were planned and executed. These included restoration of the façade of the Communal Theatre, pavements, street pavement care, development of a water supply, sewerage, electric network, repair of bridges, arrangement of parks and equipment for children grounds in parks etc. At the same time, it was decided to construction a new school and to repair a series of other school buildings in Timișoara. The Temporary Committee took a very important decision for the future development of the town concerning foundation of the Office of Urbanistic Studies affiliated with the Technical Services. It was established to create a statistical year book of the municipe (for the beginning for the year of 1933). There were preoccupations for a rational administration of the enterprises subordinated to the Mayoralty of Timişoara. The temporary Committee stipulated construction of a hydroelectric plant on Muntele Mic, as well as the organization of a summer camp at Poiana Mărului as a destination for the ill children of Timişoara. The Mayoralty was focused on conferring social assistance (for hostels, orphan asylum) and for supporting several cultural institutions, religious cults etc. In the same time, the Mayoralty leadership continued to take into account and support the development of sports, both professional and mass sports.