Raoul M. Şeptilici

Un lot de monete de la Ferdinand I al Ungariei din tezaurul de la Satchinez (jud. Timiș) / A Batch of Coins From Ferdinand I of Hungary from the Hoard of Satchinez (Timiş County)

Jan. 1, 2011

Ferdinand I



The Museum of Banat in Timişoara recently acquired a batch of nine coins deriving from Ferdinand I of Hungary, which might have been part of the medieval hoard of coins at Satchinez, discovered sometimes around the end of the 60s – beginning of the 70s of the former Century. The batch comes from a native (who might still have some other stray pieces). It seems that the hoard was discovered during farm work, having been scattered by the plough. It is claimed (without any certainty) that there were over 3000 small silver coins, which came to belong to different persons, some probably even to the collection of the Museum of Banat. By searching the inventory registries I identified 28 Hungarian pieces originating from Satchinez (from two granters) and which in all probability are part of a hoard discovered in 1977 at the latest, but they all derive from Queen Maria (1385–1395). The span of time between the two issuers (Maria and Ferdinand I) is great, which leads us to believe that there were two discoveries of coin hoards at Satchinez. The only hoard in Banat, known to us, which would be close in time, is that of Beregsăul Mare, which starts with coins from Maria and ends with coins from Ludovic II (1516–1526). Until the matter is clarified, we publish for now the pieces recently entered in the collection of the museum. Future research will include the pieces from Maria, and by correlating the results of the archive research with the field research, we shall see whether there was one or two hoards (as we incline to believe). The nine pieces described here are from the period 1530-1563, with only the K – B marks (Kremnitz-Banya). The published batch brings to the attention of the specialists a coin hoard that is unrecorded in the specialty literature. Unfortunately, due to the minimal number of pieces, pertinent conclusions cannot yet be drawn.