Alexandru Szentmiklosi

The Relations of the Cruceni-Belegiš Culture with the Zuto Brdo–Gârla Mare Culture

Jan. 1, 2006

Cruceni-Belegiš Culture Zuto Brdo–Gârla Mare Culture
Late Bronze Age



The archaeological investigations concerning the Bronze Age within the area of the Middle and Lower Danube demonstrated the existence of an ethnical-cultural complex characterized through a series of common elements that suggest the relationship among the different ethnical-cultural manifestations within this area. The main common denominator is the ceramics whose ornamentation consists in motifs executed through printing, incision, notches and successive stitches. The motifs were inlayed with white substance. The funerary common ritual, respectively the cremation, the anthropomorphical statues, the bird-shaped representations and the clay little bells suggest similar religious beliefs.