Marius Cornea

Compartimentul de Arte Vizuale al Muzeului Național al Banatului și îmbogățirea patrimoniului în anul 2018 / The Visual Arts Department within the National Museum of Banat and the Heritage Enrichment during the year 2018

Jan. 1, 2019

Compartimentul de Arte Vizuale
the Visual Arts Department
The National Museum of Banat
Muzeul Naţional al Banatului



By publishing this article, we aim to illustrate the strategy of acquiring cultural assets and attracting gifts of such art objects in order to enrich the heritage of the Visual Arts Department established in December 2017 within the National Museum of Banat. During the year 2018, a large number objects, more exactly 4,506 items, were registered in the inventories of the Visual Arts Department, out of which 4,338 objects received as gifts, of extremely diverse typologies: paintings, sculptures, graphic works, ceramic, glass and metal objects, furniture, textiles and clothing accessories from different periods, and the archive of Virgil Birou (1903–1968), writer and art collector. In addition, with the financial support of the Timiş County Council, there were purchased 168 art objects.