Dan Ungureanu

Cît din substratul lexical al limbii române e dacic? / How much of the lexical substratum of the Romanian language is Dacian?

Jan. 1, 2019

historical linguistics
Dacian language
Romanian language
lexical substratum
lingvistică istorică
limba dacilor
limba română
substrat lexical



The article is a comprehensive review of the research (to date) on the lexical substratum of Romanian. For many words belonging to the substratum, Celtic, Alpine, Italic etymologies are available. We should therefore dispense with the Dacian, racian or Balcanic hypothesis for most of these words, all the more so considering the scant evidence about these languages. e methodological rigor imposes a conclusion – that there is no compelling evidence of an influence of the Dacian language on the Latin that would later evolve into Romanian.