Ioan Piso

Une statio de beneficiarii consularis à Teregova / A Statio of Beneficiarii Consularis in Teregova

Jan. 1, 2019

cohors VIII Raetorum
beneficiarius consularis



During the excavation campaign of 7–19 August 2001 a north-south section (S 1) was traced through and in the middle of the south side of the Roman fort. Outside the perimeter wall two moats belonging to the wooden phase and a moat from the stone phase were found. !is last ditch was filled with earth and sand and contained quarry stones, ceramics and even monuments fallen from the surrounding wall. An altar and unidentifiable architectural fragments were found there. !e subject of this article is the altar found in the ditch having carved a simple inscription of the beneficiarius consularis Marcus Ulpius Vitalis dedicated to: Iupiter optimus maximus and offers us informations about the existence here of a beneficiariorum statio. Teregova’s beneficiarii consularis statio cannot be located in the camp for the simple reason that these officers were not subordinated to the troop commander, but directly to the governor.