Victor Sava

The Late Bronze Age settlement at Șagu and the early use of the channeled pottery

Jan. 1, 2019

absolute chronology
channelled-decorated pottery
Lower Mureş Basin



e new radiocarbon dates coming from the Late Bronze Age settlement in Șagu-Site A1_1 offer a new perspective on the emergence and distribution of channelled pottery. e association of radiocarbon dates with pottery coming from clear contexts proves that channelled pottery appeared in significant amounts as early as the 16th century BC. is circumstance also has an impact on the inner chronology of the Cruceni-Belegiš pottery, with the new available data outlining once more the lack of a clear definition regarding the evolution of this pottery style. At the same time, this early dating of the channelled pottery uncovered in Șagu leads to a reassessment of the origin and distribution patterns of this pottery decoration technique within the entire eastern Carpathian Basin.