Sabin Adrian Luca
Tiberiu Bogdan Sava
Maria Ilie
Andreea Dima
Daniela Pascal
Gabriela Sava
Cristian Mănăilescu
Florentin Perianu
Raluca Teodorescu
Adrian Luca

Date radiocarbon din situl arheologic de la Turdaș-Luncă (cercetările preventive ale Anului 2011) (V). Cronologia absolută a Culturii Turdaș în situl eponim acesteia

Jan. 1, 2019

eneolitic şi perioada dacică clasică
analize radiocarbon
campania de cercetări preventive 2011
eneolithic and classic dacian period
radiocarbon analyzes
preventive research campaign of 2011



Preventive archaeological research from 2011 led to sensational discoveries. Between these, samples were collected for the extraction of radiocarbon data. We analyze them in these lines. !ey belong to the epochs: early Neolithic and Eneolithic (Turdaş culture), developed Eneolithic (Petreşti culture) and the classical dacian period (1 st century BC – 2 nd century AD). We have, at this moment, the first stratigraphic column corroborated with absolute chronological data of the site that gives the name of the Turdaş culture. We analized 40 samples that were collected from closed archaeological features (deep dwellings, pillar pits, ritual pits). !e radiocarbon data obtained (from coal remains and animal bones) corroborated with stratigraphhic observations led to the absolute and relative chronology of the from Luncă point, but also to an absolute chronology of the Turdaş culture,a cultural phenomenon distinct from the Vinća culture. It influences it to a small extent (phase Ia (fig. 33–40; table VI; graph 11–12) and b (fig. 24–32; table VI; graph 9–10); phase I/II (fig. 19–23; table V; graph 7–8); phase II (fig. 11–18; table IV; graph 5–6); phase II/III (fig. 8–10; table III) and phase III (fig. 5–7; table III; graph 3–4). !e next culture – Petreşti – is illustrated by the samples from fig. 3–4; table II; graph 2, and the classical dacian period through those from fig. 1–2; table I; graph 1). In graph 13 we have a general illustration of the evolution of radiocarbon data for Turdaş and Petreşti culture. All these firm data will bring a little peace in the souls of those seeking successes not achieved through work, but through speculation.